Experience Egypt differently....

We are a group of professional guides & operators had been working as freelancers before we established our agency as a result we offer the fruit of our experience.

Ankhtours provides with a different kind of tourism which is the Eco tourism which enables you to camp, sleep in the open air and blend in with the atmosphere.

We give the flavor of the country by giving cooking classes to the interested ones and let them taste it.

Furthermore we offer classic tours..

We cover the accommodation, transportation, internet on board , guides, and special tours too.

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Adventure Excursions

Enjoy different adventures in Egypt Sea activities, Nile cruises, desert Safari and other adventures in Egypt.


When can i visit Cairo? How should i get dressed up? what can i see in Cairo? How long should i stay in Cairo

Why the pyramids were built?

Why the pyramids were built? there is a very common idea about the big pyramids in Egypt that they were built as tombs, but that s not yet proved for many reasons that we will talk about: first of all the pyramids were built by …

Tips of Traveling

Tips to traveling Tips of traveling -How to choose a destination? In the beginning you need to know very well your preferences, some people prefer to travel to exotic destinations to explore new adventures: they have multiple choices of atmosphere. Desert Safari is one of …

Corona virus Covid19

Corona virus Covid19 What is Covid19 known as Corona virus? This virus family is a large family of viruses which cause illness ranging from the common cold. They are zoonotic, means, transmitted between animals and people. After all the investigations they found that SARS-CoV was …