Experience Egypt differently....

We are a group of professional guides & operators had been working as freelancers before we established our agency as a result we offer the fruit of our experience.

Ankhtours provides with a different kind of tourism which is the Eco tourism which enables you to camp, sleep in the open air and blend in with the atmosphere.

We give the flavor of the country by giving cooking classes to the interested ones and let them taste it.

Furthermore we offer classic tours..

We cover the accommodation, transportation, internet on board , guides, and special tours too.

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Adventure Excursions

Enjoy different adventures in Egypt Sea activities, Nile cruises, desert Safari and other adventures in Egypt.

Deals and Discounts

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Holy land Egypt tour $ 460$ 41310% Off
Ankhtours, fayoum oasis trip, the valley of the whales. $ 185$ 1755% Off
Egyptian vegetarian cooking class $ 70$ 4043% Off


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Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo Islam started here in Egypt around the 7th century by the leader of the army Amr Ibn El Ass. Amr came all the way from Saudi ordered by the majour caliph Omar ben el khatab. He erected his first capital & mosque in …