Ankhtours, Saqqara tour

About Us

Ankhtours was established as a friends business. Leading the way onto the Internet Independent, comprehensive Internet marketing, travel advice and sales, the company launched its first dedicated website, which is archived here, offering tourism services to clients all over Egypt, Ankh Tours has continued to develop this e-commence platform, improving customer service and reaching a wider range of clients with different interests and in different languages. We offer visitors information about all of Egypt’s travel destinations and all of the company’s tourism products in different languages.

And more about us, we are a group of professional guides & operators had been working as freelancers before we established our agency as a result we offer the fruit of our experience.

Ankhtours provides with a different kind of tourism which is the Eco tourism which enables you to camp, sleep in the open air and blend in with the atmosphere.

We give the flavor of the country by giving cooking classes to the interested ones and let them taste it.

Furthermore about us we offer classic tours.

We cover the accommodation, transportation, internet on board guides, and special tours too.

Visiting Egypt is like visiting the wonderland

Experience different packages in Egypt such as;

   Desert safari

Camping in the white desert, black desert and the oasis around the Western Desert, diving and snorkeling in the resorts of the Red Sea like Sharm Al Sheikh , Hurghada or Marsa Alam. Hiking mountains like Mouses Mount in Sinai, tracing the places visited by the Holy family (St.Mary , St.Joseph and Jesus when he was a baby) known as the holy land tour. Sailing along the magnificent Nile while visiting the ancient Egyptian Temples known as Nile cruise, and much more…

   Red sea there is quite a few spots for diving in the Red Sea; Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Dahab along the red Sea, and it is a breathtaking….so Do not miss it..


 The 2nd biggest city in Egypt, Alexandria is typically Greek styled city built by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. You can simply spend an overnight there enjoying the history of Greek-Roman period, and visit a few of the Islamic monuments such as the Fort of Quaetbay dates to the 5th century. A palace built by the king Farouk (Al Montazaah palace, not missing the st church founded by St.Mark.

 The Sahara desert; It is spreading all the way from the Nile to Libya to the West, here you can enjoy the sand boarding especially in Siwa Oasis in the north west of Egypt, hot basin and spring water used for curing and healing also. You can see the white and black desert as well, you can sleep under a blanket full of stars. It is the best place for Safari.


One of the holy places in Egypt, it has its special taste in the hearts of Egyptians. It is here where the Escudos of Moses passed and he received the 2 tablets of the Law on top of Moses peak very close to St.Catherine Monastery.

  Luxor and Aswan  

The most historical part of Egypt and most of the monumental places such as the Valley of the kings, Karnak Temple, the Colossi of Memnon. You can enjoy a very fancy Nile cruise connecting between the two banks, and also you can have the behind dam cruise to enjoy the virgin places of Nubia.

 Ankhtours enables you to enjoy the art galleries and art workshops in Egypt and see Egypt through an artistic eye.
Ecotourism Is a new trend now, everyone is looking forward to enjoy his travel in an environmental way, you can eat healthy food, use the sportive way of moving from a place to another using bicycles, and enjoying the beauty of the nature.
One of the ways how you can enjoy the country is tasting its authentic food and why not trying to learn how to cook, how we call it cooking classes.