The Pyramids of Egypt

Ankhtours, the pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Egypt remain one of the greatest ancient civilizations’ constructions. We found alot od pyramids in Latin America, China, Mexico, Sudan and Egypt. We don’t know much about the reason why they picked this specific shape, must have had its mysterious secrets too. Pyramids known as used as Royal tombs, sofar we found 90+ gigatic pyramids in Egypt.

The pyramids of Egypt are considered as the most ancient, complicated too, yet very well-preserved. Different shapes of pyramids we found in Egypt such as the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the bent Pyramid of Dahshour and you enjoy then from here , and other normal shapes of pyramids.

The step Pyramid is to be thought as dating back to the 3rd dynasty 2700 B.C., less ancient is the Bent Pyramid of Dahshour, the 4th dynasty, the great pyramid of Cheops which we think that dates back to 2650 B.C. and the other more recent ones around Giza plateau and you enjoy it from here

The Pyramids of Egypt are believed to be used as graves for the kings despite the fact that we never found neither mummies nor artifacts, just en empty coffin, and not all the time. Mariette; the French archeologist who entered the first time inside a pyramid sais” this could be used as a tomb”, then everyone came later took it from him.

The Pyramids of Egypt are completely complicated in terms of architecture, astronomy too. Every single corridor leads to a different star constellation, even the locations of the pyramids themselves reflect some constellation spots, all the pyramids all over the globe thought to be connected somehow.

The Pyramids of Egypt are mysteriously built too, some of them are too complicated to be built by our technics, so it is believed that an ancient technique was used in the part of the process too. Could have been the sound energy as it was vastly used in some other ancient civilizations too.

If you want to enjoy the experience of being inside an ancient pyramid, you can start from the step Pyramid at Saqqara as it is very easy experience, though it is complicated to carve corridors for 30 meters below the ground floor.

The 2nd level is the small pyramids at Sakara & Giza, then the great pyramid of Cheops and the 2 pyramids of Dahshour known as the Red pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, both of them considered as the toughest amongst the pyramids built in Egypt.

we found the same shape of the blocks of the pyramids and poses of the blocks too in some other pyramids outside Egypt. But yet we have no idea how they could transport the blocks or lift or cut them from the bedrock either.

the other pyramids that the archeologists found in different parts of the globe are fairly smaller, and some of them they found under the water too. And more recent. The pyramids of Sudan look similar to the Pyramids of Egypt, but extremely smaller.

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