Things to Know before coming to Egypt

Ankhtours, alexandria along the red sea

Things to know before coming to Egypt

Tap water

it is not recommended to use the tap water in Egypt, unless it is boiled, for drinking or different other purposes

Sun screen

Egypt is a hot country and you should be prepared for that, protecting your skin with good sunscreen to avoid sunburn or dehydration.

keep in mind to drink alot of water too.

Spending Money in Egypt

Tourists should keep in mind…

  • The Egyptian currency is Egyptian pound (LE: Livre Egyptienne)
  • banks are open from Sunday to Thursday and weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays
  • ATMs are everywhere.
  • Credit and debit cards are widely used in hotels and big supermarket.
  • Inform your bank back home before traveling to avoid blocking your card
  • Keep tracking your bank account during your trip
  • Tipping is almost expected so carry change all the time to give away

The Culture of Egypt

Egypt is a muslim, conservative country and this can cause a culture shock. Tourists from western countries should be aware that some actions are not very welcomed in public, such as kissing. Homosexuality is still illegal too.

Revealing clothes can draw unnecessary unwanted attention. Dress extra-conservatively and cover your hair as a woman when visiting mosques.

Things to Know before coming to Egypt

Arabic words and Numbers

The official language is arabic though most people can understand English. You can get a positive reaction if you know abit of Arabic words too.

Knowing any of the Arabic numbers can help you out to be cheated on. Prices all over in shops, restaurants, and markets are all in Arabic.

Nationalities Need a Visa to visit Egypt

Many nationalities can apply online for Egypt e-visa as long as they meet the passport requirements.

The Egypt online application takes a few minutes. Eligible countries are the US, Canada, all EU countries, Russia, Australia and Ukraine.

There could also the option of on arrival visa, that requires queueing and completing the application at the border of Egypt.

Things to know before coming to Egypt

Vaccinations that are recommended for Egypt

There are no obligatory vaccinations for Egypt but If you are traveling from a country where yellow fever is present you need to show you’ve been vaccinated and you should see you doctor before your Egypt trip.

Travelers to Egypt should get the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis B and Rabies in some cases

Which Places to avoid in Egypt

Egypt is a safe country to visit but there are some places where tourists shouldn’t go such as north Sinai.

Most of the places to travel in Egypt is safe, such as Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh and well-protected.

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