Desert safari in Egypt

5 Days

Desert Safari in Egypt

Enjoy an Eco-tour with the deep secrets of the desert safari.

in Egypt and meditate in the greatness of the beauty of the Great Sand Sea.
The Western desert lies on the western side of the Nile of Egypt which includes five different oasis scattered from north to south like Baharya oasis, Farafra oasis, Dakhla oasis, Fayoum, Siwa and Kharga. 

You can enjoy it alone or merge it with any other visits in Egypt as Giza Pyramids

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Desert Safari in Egypt, you will be taken from Cairo to Baharya oasis to enjoy the White desert, Black desert, and visit some tombs and museums that date back to the late period of ancient Egypt, other oasis visits include desert safari, camping, hiking and the jeep safari car drivers will do the double function job which is driving and cooking.

You will enjoy the best meals under the stars like the grilled barbecued beef and chicken served with salad and rice, apart from the light snacks as breakfast and lunch around the basins and the springs of the Western desert of Egypt.

One of the main attractions in the western desert of Egypt is the White Desert; which lies in Baharya oasis that  considered as one of the main national parks of Egypt. The White desert existed even millions of years ago, formed by the great ocean and sea which were existing here, you can still see fossils of shells and different other sea life creatures too.

desert safari on the western desert has got many water springs either hot or cold, which are really useful to our bodies, cure bones and all the skin issues, besides the several salt lakes at Siwa. By the spring side you can swim, dip your feet, which your drivers prepare your delicious food if it is the light healthy breakfast or the barbecued Bedouin mutton, beef or chicken along with appetizers, rice and a drink.

Enjoy the desert safari adventure in Egypt with all activities.



Desert safari in Egypt. Camping in the desert of Egypt, Baharya, farafra, Dakhla, Kharga oasis


Pick up & transfer from Cairo at 7:00 am.
Arrive at Bahariya Oasis at 12.00 p.m. where we have our tasty typical Egyptian lunch.
We start our tour with the main archaeological sites (the Golden Mummies and the tombs of Zed-Amun-ef-ankh and Banentiu in Qarat Qasr Salim). Later in the afternoon, we relax By the springs side of Bahariya where we can arrange a camel ride in the palm groves of Bahariya if you are interested.
In the evening, we enjoy a spectacular sunset from the top English Mountain (Gebel al-Ingleez).
An overnight At the hotel.

After breakfast we drive to the Black Desert with its dozens and dozens of small black-topped hills of volcanic origin. Our next stop of this day will be in the Crystal Mountain, a ridge made of sparkling quartz crystals, then we continue our journey until we reach the Agabat Valley, known for its scores of rock sugarloaves.
We camp In the open air.

White Desert National Park.This spectacular place with its blindingly white sculptures that nature has been shaping for hundreds and thousands of years looks like it is on another planet. The night will either be spent camping out in the desert or in a hotel in Farafra Oasis.

we visit the sights in and around Dakhla such as the Deir al-Hagar, a temple dedicated to the Theban Triad, the picturesque historic center of al-Qasr and the tombs of Qarat al-Muzawwaqa. The night will either be spent camping out in the open air or in a hotel in Dakhla Oasis.

The Necropolis of al-Bagawat, considered as one of the “best least-visited Egyptian sites” It is one of the earliest surviving and best-preserved Christian cemeteries in the world with hundreds of mud-brick Christian tombs sitting atop an earlier Egyptian necropolis. The most interesting buildings are the “Chapel of Peace” with figures of the Apostles, the “Chapel of Exodus” featuring paintings of biblical stories of the Old Testament, and the “Chapel of the Grapes” with paintings of grapevines and leaves.
Then we visit the the Temple of Hibis—probably the best preserved temple in the Western Desert (partly because it was buried in sand until it was discovered and excavated by a team from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1909)—and the Deir al-Munira, a Roman fortress that used to protected the Darb al-Arbaeen caravan route linking Fasher in Sudan’s Darfur province with Asyut in Valley of the Nile.
End your trip (you can ask to be transferred back to Cairo or Luxor)

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Desert safari in Egypt