Cooking class

Discover the unique taste, flavors and spices of the Egyptian cuisine as you browse the local markets, under the guidance of expert instructors, learn to craft local specialties like hummus, mahshi or lentil soup.

Egyptian cuisine is a very unique cuisine because of its international mix, it combines all different well-known cuisines together, the Turkish, the Lebanese, the Mediterranean, the European, the North African, the Persian, and so on.

Most of our tajin (baking the vegetable in tomato sauce in a pottery pot)   culture comes from the North-African and Turkish cuisine, the beef dishes too. The deserts are more Mediterranean. The appetizers are from the Syrian and Lebanese cuisine.

Pick up the techniques to recreate your favorite plates back home, learn the art of how to decorate food, then enjoy your delicious homemade lunch.

Egyptian food is very unique its way, so none does not know about the Egyptian foul and Falafel; the beans productions, and how do Egyptian eat it every morning by default along with spring onions, tahini sauce, and loves of Pita bread freshly baked. Koshare is an Egyptian branded food, and what’s amazing about it is that the Koshari restaurants serve this only meal to everyone, it’s a mix of carbohydrate and protein of the cheap eats too. A mix of pasta, rice, black lentil, a pinch of salt, tomato sauce and garlic sauce, we do not mind fried onions for garnishing the good looking dish.

Take a cooking class anywhere in Cairo with a tour guide and learn about how could the fresh ingredients be used in the Egyptian cuisine.
Learn to cook several dishes and enjoy the delicious meal that you prepare.
See the spices that give Egyptian dishes their distinctive flavors, bring home recipes and inspiration to share with your friends & family.

One of the most fascinating things when you travel to a new country is enjoying its cuisine. Our cooking classes provide an immersive experience in Egyptian traditional cooking and culture. You will be a contributor to maximize your experience when communicating with the locals in Egypt. Our local restaurant is very promising for you to slacken your furious pace of life.
Cooking classes program is the ideal way to enjoy an authentic cultural, and culinary experience. It’s also perfect for the serious home cooks who want to learn how to cook Egyptian healthy food for their friends, and families, for wives accompanying husband or wives on a business trip, or the adventurous travelers wishing to explore more than just the sightseeing of our great Cairo!, or even to enjoy a very different experience in Egypt.

You will be picked up from your hotel (Cairo) to our restaurant Learning how to cook the real Egyptian traditional food under the guidance of a professional cook to enjoy your own eating & cooking taste and numerous foods from the instructor tasting very unique.
Ending class and getting dropped off at your hotel.

Ankhtours, Egyptian vegetarian cooking class
1 Day
cooking classes in Cairo
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