Cairo is the capital of Egypt, in Arabic it is “AL Qahera” means the “victorious” city, The non-official population of Greater Cairo exceeds 18.000.000 inhabitants. The “greater Cairo” still considered as Cairo too for the locals, that means Cairo, Giza, and Qualiobya too.

The history of Cairo

The first time Cairo was founded was around the 10th century by the “Fatimid” The Moroccans; who came in Egypt around the 10th century after several trials to conquer Egypt ended up with failure.

In the beginning was surrounded by high walls and surrounded by gates like the old city of Marrakesh, even the names of the gates were the same as in there.

Al qahera’s main mosque called Al Azhar mosque which was officially the fourth main congregational mosque founded in Egypt.

Cairo city got expanded a lot more than the original size that we used to have back then.

What to see in Cairo

Islamic monuments

We have quite a lot of Islamic periods passed by Egypt and almost from different directions around the globe so we have a lot of different architectural features. Different mosques date back to different periods, different Madrassas or “religious schools”, Mousoli, and complexes too.

The so-called Islamic Cairo houses all of those monuments, one of its old names is the city of the 1000 minarets.

There is a big famous market in Cairo called Khan El Khalili started around the 11th, 12th centuries, considered as the biggest market in the city.

Coptic Cairo

Is one of other main attractions; Coptic Cairo is more ancient than Islamic so the official beginning of Christianity in Egypt dates back to the 5th century, before that there were Christians too but did not have the right to build any Christian monuments.

Old Cairo is where we have ones of the most famous and ancient Egyptian churches in the city dates back to the begging of the 5th century.

The living tombs or the city of the dead

This is a very common name for the biggest cemetery in the city which is known worldly. started all the way from the 7th century then enlarged and expanded, the nature of the place got changed several times too, ended up to the biggest cemetery inhabited with living people too.

The Egyptian museum

It is one of the main attractions in the city, it is located in the heart of downtown “Tahrir square”, Contains thousands of original artifacts date back to various ancient periods.

Is Cairo a safe city?

Yes very much, it is fairly huge city with some slums and big very prestigious compounds too. Some parts in the city you can pass off as a foreigner in terms of looks, some other places are still conservative but not like in the very fanatic countries.

It is less liberal than the other cities in Egypt where foreigners go. You can wear shorts and off shoulders for females and there’s no restrictions for males. The thing that you should highly respect here is the worship place like mosques and churches so be well-covered to go there.

How strong is the religion in Egypt?

The religion is very strong in Egypt, regardless of being Christian or Muslim. There is a very high respect to religion here as that started all the way from the very begging of the civilization of Egypt. In Egypt Christians or as we call them Coptic people are majorly Orthodox, the Muslims are Sunni.

Ladies are mostly well covered but not necessarily veiled, but by the country side they have a dress code for women which is being veiled regardless of the religion.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes

Discover the unique taste, flavors and spices of the Egyptian cuisine as you browse the local markets, under the guidance of expert instructors, learn to craft local specialties like hummus, mahshi or lentil soup.

Egyptian cuisine is a very unique cuisine because of its international mix, it combines all different well-known cuisines together, the Turkish, the Lebanese, the Mediterranean, the European, the North African, the Persian, and so on.

Most of our tajin (baking the vegetable in tomato sauce in a pottery pot)   culture comes from the North-African and Turkish cuisine, the beef dishes too. The deserts are more Mediterranean. The appetizers are from the Syrian and Lebanese cuisine.

Pick up the techniques to recreate your favorite plates back home, learn the art of how to decorate food, then enjoy your delicious homemade lunch.

Egyptian food is very unique its way, so none does not know about the Egyptian foul and Falafel; the beans productions, and how do Egyptian eat it every morning by default along with spring onions, tahini sauce, and loves of Pita bread freshly baked. Koshare is an Egyptian branded food, and what’s amazing about it is that the Koshari restaurants serve this only meal to everyone, it’s a mix of carbohydrate and protein of the cheap eats too. A mix of pasta, rice, black lentil, a pinch of salt, tomato sauce and garlic sauce, we do not mind fried onions for garnishing the good looking dish.

Take a cooking class anywhere in Cairo with a tour guide and learn about how could the fresh ingredients be used in the Egyptian cuisine.
Learn to cook several dishes and enjoy the delicious meal that you prepare.
See the spices that give Egyptian dishes their distinctive flavors, bring home recipes and inspiration to share with your friends & family.

One of the most fascinating things when you travel to a new country is enjoying its cuisine. Our cooking classes provide an immersive experience in Egyptian traditional cooking and culture. You will be a contributor to maximize your experience when communicating with the locals in Egypt. Our local restaurant is very promising for you to slacken your furious pace of life.
Cooking classes program is the ideal way to enjoy an authentic cultural, and culinary experience. It’s also perfect for the serious home cooks who want to learn how to cook Egyptian healthy food for their friends, and families, for wives accompanying husband or wives on a business trip, or the adventurous travelers wishing to explore more than just the sightseeing of our great Cairo!, or even to enjoy a very different experience in Egypt.

You will be picked up from your hotel (Cairo) to our restaurant Learning how to cook the real Egyptian traditional food under the guidance of a professional cook to enjoy your own eating & cooking taste and numerous foods from the instructor tasting very unique.
Ending class and getting dropped off at your hotel.

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What is ecotourism?

It means Tourism to areas of ecological interest includes green travel, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife, nature travel, responsible travel, ethical travel, mindful travel, conscious travel, and many others.
Ecotourism should adopt more environmentally friendly practices, protect the natural and cultural heritage of a destination, and support local communities.

First of all, it focuses on experiencing and learning more about nature, its landscape, flora, and their habitats, as well as cultural artifacts from the locality. A complicated relationship between the environment and tourist activities is possible when this philosophy can be translated into appropriate approach, useful planning and tactful practicum. Carefully planned and operated ecotourism places & sites, especially if it is a small place or a village-based and includes local interaction too, is able to provide direct advantages that might offset pressure from other less sustainable behaviors and activities that make the maximum use of cultural and natural resources.

Is Egypt tourism industry shifting towards eco-tourism?

Egypt is been always known for its history, ancient civilization and its sites such as pyramids, and temples. Moving toward the ecotourism is a great chance or a sustainable and flourishing tourism. There are a lot of sites considered as a part of the international heritage as per the UNESCO, besides the Valley of the whales known as wadi El Hitan, in Fayoum oasis, 

Eco-Tours offer in Egypt here the desert safari tours to a different oasis like Siwa oasis which is a part of the western desert.

There is also a boat tour around the Nile: very Eco-friendly boat not a big cruise with fancy swimming pools.

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One Day Excursion

One Day excursion

We enable you to enjoy your stay to the maximum even if you are here for one day or if you have only one free day we offer you a various choice to pick from.

It is a great chance for people who have limited time to enjoy a small tour for one day or half a day.

One Day excursion is available not only in Cairo, but also in Giza, Alexandria or Fayoum. We can arrange a tour to Islamic Cairo, and Coptic Cairo too, we arrange Desert Safari, Giza Pyramids, Saqqara step Pyramid, Dahshur Pyramids, Egyptian museum, etc

Religious tours

Religious Tours

Different places in the world enjoying the religious tours belong to different religions, the most famous of them is Haj in Mecca, the holy Land in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

The holy land varies from a place to another, some contains the three countries and some others have only one. The holy land in Egypt follows the traces of the Holy family in Egypt, different places in different cities of Egypt from Upper Egypt to the Delta too.

Some of them last for only one day to some of the churches in Cairo or it can last for a longer day tour to some of the monasteries like the Natron Valley, Red Sea or an overnight to Assuit or Menya too.

unique tours

Unique tours

Is very inspiring, Egypt has got various interests, nature and types of landscape too. Plenty of unique tours which take you to different unique destination in Egypt.

The variety of the nature of desert can take your mind away from the crowd to a different unique colors of desert, the so-called white desert: which indicates the remnant of a great ancient ocean which appears now only in limestone formations, the look white as per the color of the submarine stone.

There is the black desert as well, which resulted from the eruption of Volcanoes in Egypt. Have Egypt had ever volcanoes? The answer is yes. And that exists here in the black desert.

Have you never ever imagine how colorful sea life could be?? Then come to the Red Sea to fulfill your fertile imagination. It is very colorful and lively looking corals and sea life. The best place for diving, snorkeling or even just swimming.  Different destinations starting from the southern borders up to Sinai.

One of the very fascinating other aspects is the important religious background of Egypt related to all religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Holy flight into Egypt; when Jesus Christ the baby came along with St. Mary and St. Joseph from Jerusalem, The Exodus of Moses through the desert of Sinai, even the spread of Islam in the Middle East.

Egypt is the gift of the Nile as Herodotus the ancient historian mentioned, it’s the main vein of the ancient life and civilization, the vital force of the Egyptian soul.

Nile cruise tour is one of the Unique tours in Egypt, which takes you in a time machine to smell the history Oder along the banks of the Nile through the temples of Luxur and Aswan, to be able to roam around and touch the history of the Pharaohs and their temples, it can also take you behind the high dam of Aswan to sail really close to the crocodiles of the Nile.