Egyptian cooking class

1 Day

Egyptian cooking class

Cooking Classes have become a recent trend after getting used to all the activities of travels. It is like experiencing the real life of the country you are visiting and its soul. Tasting the country’s real food has its unique taste unlike if you eat it from a non-native chef.

Egypt is always known of its mixing cuisine as it combines different other well-known, big cuisines which gives you a special variety of food items.

Most of the Egyptian appetizers are from the Syrian and Lebanese cuisine, the tajins and different main courses are mixed up from the Mediterranean cuisine and Turkish one too, the cakes are from the European cuisine, Eastern desserts are from Turkey too.

The Egyptian vegetarian food has a lot of variety, such as Koshare is a very traditional vegetarian dish , falafel which has been spread all over the middle east with different additional flavors, as sometimes they make it out of beans other place may use chick peas, moussaka, beans, different kinds of salads.

Egyptian cooking class provides a different experience in Egyptian traditional cooking in Cairo. You will be learning how to cook Egyptian traditional moussaka  ( a vegetarian dish consists of eggplant, capsicum cooked in garlic tomato sauce), then you will enjoy eating your cooking, and enjoying its taste, once you get back home you can cook to your friends and family members.

You will enjoy this cooking class for two to three hours, picked up, and dropped off your hotel.


You will be picked up from your hotel (Cairo) to our restaurant Learning how to cook the Egyptian traditional food under the guidance of professional chef Enjoying your own cooking taste.
After finishing your class you will be dropped off at your hotel


It is more based on vegetables
Hummus, green salad
soup: lentil
main course: moussaka
dessert: Om Ali

Tour price per person

  • Single 50$
  • 2 person 45$
  • 3 person 42$
  • 4 person 40$

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Egyptian cooking class