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Travel tips about Egypt


When you prepare yourself for a trip to Egypt your first priority should be to make sure you make the small investment towards your health and well being by purchasing a flexible travel insurance policy for your trip. Not only will this travel insurance policy cover you if your bags are lost and if your flight is delayed/cancelled, but it’ll also cover you for all medical and injury related issues also.


When you plan a trip to Egypt it isn’t an easy task. From accommodation to transportation
You'd better have a tour guide as Egypt is a very unique and difficult country to travel to if you don’t have any prior experience.


One of the most important skills you need to have a positive experience in Egypt is the skill of negotiating. Everything is negotiable in Egypt and it’s expected from buying a water from the corner store to shopping for souvenirs at the market..etc haggling is a must.


When we talk about Uber you should know that you can get your first ride free ( approximately $4 ) when having a new Uber account.

While taxis are safe and easy to use, Uber is definitely your best choice if you’re looking to move around the city without worries.

All you have to do is to download Uber App and to make use of this Uber first ride free


Ask the price before buying anything you can imagine buying at a convenient store. If you’re used to paying a lower price in other shops for your item, negotiate with the shop owner a bit to get closer to the local rate.


Walking shoes or comfortable sneakers are best when traveling to Egypt.. you can wear flip flops or sandals as well but please realize that Egypt is a desert country so it is really dusty so it is recommended.


Carry hand sanitizer with you when traveling to Egypt! You’ll be touching doors, hand rails and currency while in the city and you are not the only one touching these things. Remember, there’s 20-25 million people in Cairo. Do not forget to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer whenever you go.


Nobody drinks the tap water (excluding the locals). During your trip, you’ll be buying lots of bottled water. You’ll need it to brush your teeth, to drink during the day and maybe even some to pour over your head after being in the extreme heat all day.

As a foreigner you’ll be charged from 10 to 20 LE for a “big bottle”. Just be aware of what the real “Egyptian” prices are for certain items and it will be fine.


If you’re planning a trip to Egypt please do your research and know the travel tips well before you leave as many foreigners arrive in Egypt and dress like they’re still in their home country.

This type of behavior will attract more unwanted attention, stares, and even perhaps physical advances by Egyptian men, to blend in a little more and avoid disrespecting the culture.
For Females:
Be sure to keep your knees and shoulders covered .
when visiting mosques or churches, bring a scarf to cover your hair knees and shoulders.
Do not forget always to remove yousr hoes before entering any mosque.
If you’re visiting a mosque and do not have anything to cover up will likely provide you with something to cover up.
Bikinis and other swimwear are totally acceptable to wear while at the resorts on the Red Sea.

For Males:
Last and not least of travel tips is Wearing shorts while exploring the city isn’t a problem but you’ll need a pair of longer pants or jeans for the evenings when you visit someones home or get invited to an event.
Sleeveless shirts, tank tops and gym attire are not acceptable.
Swimming trunks and other swimwear would be acceptable to wear at the resorts in the destinations on the Red Sea.

travel tips about Egypt