Natron Valley

Natron is the name of the salt that ancient Egyptians were using for mummification. There used to be lakes of Natron salt on the mid-road of Cairo-Alexandria, almost all of them dried up now, but the places still known as “Wadi El Natron” or the Natron Valley.

One of the other famous characteristics of this spot of Egypt is Coptic Christian monasteries known as “the monasteries of Wadi El Natron”,   according to the tradition it is believed that the Holy family passed by this area used to be called “Bareyet Shehet” means the wilderness of Shehet that was later on, inhabited by Great number of monks.

The Natron Valley housed thousands of monasteries of Coptic Christians, only a few of them remains such as the Syrians, Baramos, Anba Bishoy and other that you can visit.

Religious tours

Religious Tours

Different places in the world enjoying the religious tours belong to different religions, the most famous of them is Haj in Mecca, the holy Land in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

The holy land varies from a place to another, some contains the three countries and some others have only one. The holy land in Egypt follows the traces of the Holy family in Egypt, different places in different cities of Egypt from Upper Egypt to the Delta too.

Some of them last for only one day to some of the churches in Cairo or it can last for a longer day tour to some of the monasteries like the Natron Valley, Red Sea or an overnight to Assuit or Menya too.

unique tours

Unique tours

Is very inspiring, Egypt has got various interests, nature and types of landscape too. Plenty of unique tours which take you to different unique destination in Egypt.

The variety of the nature of desert can take your mind away from the crowd to a different unique colors of desert, the so-called white desert: which indicates the remnant of a great ancient ocean which appears now only in limestone formations, the look white as per the color of the submarine stone.

There is the black desert as well, which resulted from the eruption of Volcanoes in Egypt. Have Egypt had ever volcanoes? The answer is yes. And that exists here in the black desert.

Have you never ever imagine how colorful sea life could be?? Then come to the Red Sea to fulfill your fertile imagination. It is very colorful and lively looking corals and sea life. The best place for diving, snorkeling or even just swimming.  Different destinations starting from the southern borders up to Sinai.

One of the very fascinating other aspects is the important religious background of Egypt related to all religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Holy flight into Egypt; when Jesus Christ the baby came along with St. Mary and St. Joseph from Jerusalem, The Exodus of Moses through the desert of Sinai, even the spread of Islam in the Middle East.

Egypt is the gift of the Nile as Herodotus the ancient historian mentioned, it’s the main vein of the ancient life and civilization, the vital force of the Egyptian soul.

Nile cruise tour is one of the Unique tours in Egypt, which takes you in a time machine to smell the history Oder along the banks of the Nile through the temples of Luxur and Aswan, to be able to roam around and touch the history of the Pharaohs and their temples, it can also take you behind the high dam of Aswan to sail really close to the crocodiles of the Nile.