What to eat in Egypt?

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What to eat in Egypt?

What to eat in Egypt, Egypt is one of the richest countries in the whole world in terms of cuisines. It had an interaction with very different cuisines such as Turkish,  Mediterranean and Lebanese too.

The Egyptian cuisine has a lot of variety of vegetables. Egyptians have this kind of mixture between the rice and the vegetables such as eggplant, pepper and onions too, the leaves too like vine leaves and the cabbage are playing a main role in this kind of food known as Mahshi.

What to eat in Egypt?

When it Comes to appetizers in Egypt, the Lebanese cuisine is the king here. All those kinds of mezas are Lebanese like the tahine, the chick peas known as Humus, the lebnah, and some of the other fried stuff.

Egyptians can’t enjoy the food without the pickles; The marinated, salty olives, carorts, pepper, eggplants and cucumbers along with almost everything.

Vegetarians can enjoy the taste of the Egyptian mosaka wich is mainly the eggplant and pepper in the garlic tomato sauce https://youtu.be/NR-1_1mLagY

As a vegetarian don’t miss trying the koshari which is a bit of carbs, pasta, rice, lentil, topped with fried onions and mixed with the tomato garlic sauce too.

Tajen is a very well-known word for the cooking pot out of pottery and cooked in the oven too in Egypt.
This pot is our way of enjoying our cooked beef along with vegetables in tomato sauce, slowly baked in the oven.

Absorbing the Egyptian culture can’t happen without trying foul and flafel in the breakfast for at least once. The Egyptian version of Falafel known as tamia out of mashed beans, greens and onions, fried in vegetable oil.

what to eat in Egypt?

If you are non vegetarian, this your place, dont miss the stuffed vine leaves with knuckles, or oxtail taken with onions.

chicken or beef shawarma is something else that has all in one, chicken or beef sliced with onions, tomatoes and some greens grilled together, we have also mixed grilled non vegetarian dish; means kebab and meat balls grilled.

Kofta is one of the main dishes in Egypt, it has minced beef and a little bit of lamb fat, mixed with minced onions and spices, grilled or fried, sometimes we dip it in tomato sauce known as Daoud pasha tajin, it’s Turkish influenced.

what to eat in Egypt?

Chicken meals are many, one of them is grilled after being marinated in special paste, we have also grilled chicken known as shish tawook means boneless chicken grilled with onions and pepper.

We eat other birds as quails and pigeons, but stuffed with rice or wheat, not grilled, like given for tourists. Served with very tasty sticky green soup called molokhia, we mix it with rice and eat too, very tasty Egyptian dish.

besides alot of Syrian restaurants, Indians, Lebanese and others.


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