What to see in Egypt ?

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What to see in Egypt ?

When you plan your Egypt trip there is a few steps that you should keep in mind.

Egypt packages have many places and visits too, but before starting your trip to Egypt, you better start by booking your flight tickets ahead, as this will cost you less, and Save your money.

After booking your flight tickets, you will have to dive deeper in your ideas.
Thinking of Egypt means alot of diversity, pyramids, temples, sea, desert safari and hiking.

Egypt has two seas; the Red sea and the Mediterranean sea. Alot of sea activities regarding the red sea, hurghada, sharm el sheikh, Marsa Alam, Dahab and some other places..snorkeling, diving, kite surfing and some other..

The Mediterranean sea has not much of sea activities but you still can dive to see the remnants of the greaco-roman city, otherwise you can always visit the glorious city of Alexandria, which has all the history of this period that lasted for centuries.

What to see in Egypt ?

When we talk about the ancient architecture nothing beats the pyramids of Egypt. Several pyramids with different architectural styles. There are concentrated very close to Giza. You can go inside most of them if you are really interested and not very clostrophoic. On One day you can cover two sites of them.

Moving between the different cities of Egypt could be really easy, Egypt has very strong trains system including different categories either seating or sleeper trains. From Cairo to Alexandria, Luxor or Aswan, otherwise you can use Buses which go almost everywhere.

Everyone coming to Egypt doesn’t want to miss Luxor and Aswan Nile cruise, but keep in mind if you want to take your time in visiting all the sites, you better stay in hotels.

Traveling by the Nile cruise doesn’t give you enough time, timing is sometimes not very suitable, hectic and very limited. When you go for the hotels option, you can have two nights in luxor and two in Aswan.

If you are planning to enjoy the Redsea of hurghada, Safaga, Marsa Alam or other cities, you better start from Aswan end up in luxor. You can always drive from Luxor to hurghada. But not from Aswan as it is really far.

what to see in Egypt ?

When you plan to have a beach holiday you can always go to sharm el sheikh for diving and snorkeling too, one day you can experience the hiking of Moses mount, and visiting the Monastery of St.Catherine Monastery.

Desert is one of the most beautiful spots in Egypt. Many options are there, white desert and black one, when you plan for only an overnight from Cairo.
Siwa is one oasis you shouldn’t miss, the best sand dunes in Egypt, sand boarding, camping in the desert.
Keep in mind the long distance from Siwa ( about 10 hour drive) or you can fly domestically or internationally to Marsa Matrouh then drive to Siwa oasis for three hours.

Different and diverse architecture is very widely spread in Egypt,
Islamic and coptic are almost everywhere in Cairo. Keep one or two days for them.

Food is a very important experience in Egypt too, everywhere is very famous for specific food. Alexandria is very famous for stuffed falafel, and Alexandrian liver too.
Cairo is very good for street food. Luxor and Aswan are famous for real Egyptian homemade food and home baked bread known as the sun bread. In Siwa they have their own tajen baked with olives and Beduin food too.


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