How to buy the entrance fees in Egypt??

How to buy the entrance fees in Egypt??

Egypt has recently become more modern regarding the digitalisation. Most of the places where you go you won’t be able to use cash, only credit card, and that’s ease the whole process.

entrance fees hike up once each few months now, the next hike will be around November or December, almost 25% more than the rate. When you are booking you should keep in mind the tarif, as it s changing due to the nationality and age. If you are below 6 years old, you can visit all the places for free, if you are 6 upto 29 you can have 50% off, but after 15 years old you need to show the student card, if you hold an Arab passport you can get the local rate which is way below the foreign rate.

how to book your entrance fees in Egypt?

95% of the places you can only use your credit card to buy the tickets, no cash accepted anymore except a few places.

saving your time you can book them even in advance and online, avoiding standing in long queues in front of each site in Giza, Cairo, Luxor and Aswan too.

when booking online keep in mind the dates of each visit, the number of the tickets, the age, the nationality too. And the car ticket if you are booking it not the car parking ticket.

this link is the one you can use while booking any entrance fees in Egypt

this way you will save the time you might lose on booking on the spot and ease you How to book the entrance fees in Egypt??

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