How to use the metro in Cairo ?

Hot to use the metro in Cairo ?

Getting around Cairo and Giza can be really complicated, though it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at this post and you’ll be a local expert in no time!

If you want to use public transportation in Cairo or Giza, you have many options, Metro, buses and taxis.

The metro is almost all the time the fastest way to get anywhere, except when it gets late at night ,then taxis can fly through the city streets.

Bus system – it us not used often by tourists to the city, but in some cases, they can really come in handy. Especially for going up and down the avenues, or for people who can’t deal with lots of stairs, these can be a very helpful option

Cairo MetroCard

A single ride is starting from 5 le per ticket.
You can buy them right at the station.
There s no metro card available for tourists, locals only

The Greater Cairo subway system can be a bit intimidating at first, and the locals do rush around so you might feel the pressure of someone right behind you in line getting very impatient.

To find your right station you have to see the map in each metro station to know which direction you should head.
The more numbers of station you go through, the more expensive you ticket will get.


For many decades the Cairo metro system had a reputation for being very safe and secured. but the stations and carriages are clean, though some of them look old.

The highlights of the stations:

Sadat station is Tahrir square where downtown and the Egyptian Museum are.

Giza station is the closest to giza railway station that tourists use. A few steps away.

Ramses station is the main Cairo railway station to Everywhere in Egypt.

Maadi station is where nice restaurants and cafes are.

Heliopolis is close to the classy side of Cairo, where different architecture and life style are.

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