Egypt Packages

Are the packages we offer for more than three or four days. We know that some people plan Egypt trip long time ahead so they give it some enough time to visit all the desired destinations, cities and sites.

Egypt Packages offer you different destinations and you can still change the length of your stay accordingly, so if there is any tour lasts for only sevenĀ  or eight days we can make it longer for you if this is your wish.

The packages of Egypt contain tours in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh if you are a sea activity lover. We offer Desert safari and siwa if you prefer the desert isolation and camping in the desert, hiking and sand activities. We can recommend you a fancy Dahabiya tour if you are a very picky person and prefer spending your holiday at a very luxurious level, or a Nile cruise if you want to see as many sites as possible regarding Luxor and Aswan, but if you are a religious person or would like some different vibes you can pick the Holy land or some religious christian activities too. There still other options that may suit you as a traveler too such as Pyramids, Giza tours, Cairo tours, Islamic Cairo, Coptic Cairo or the Egyptian museum too.

Ankhtours, Hurghada tour, coral in hurghada
3% Off
$ 800 $ 773

, , 8 Days - 7 Nights
Ankhtours, nile cruise, an airen view of Luxor
7% Off
$ 950 $ 886

, 5 Days - 4 Nights
Ankhtours, Sharm el sheikh tour
3% Off
, , 8 Days - 7 Nights
Holy land Egypt tour
10% Off
$ 460 $ 413

, , , 7 Days - 6 Nights
Ankhtours, Dahabiya Nile cruise, Luxor temple
6% Off
$ 1,900 $ 1,780

, 8 Days - 7 Nights