Nile cruises in Egypt

The Nile is the second longest river all over the globe.11 different countries in Africa.
One of the most desired tours in Egypt is the Nile cruise, which is sailing along the Nile.We have long Nile cruises ,classic ones, and behind the Dam cruise.
The classic Nile cruise tour is the one between Luxor and Aswan, it takes from 3 up-to 7 nights.the 3 night Nile cruise passes by all the sights on the way and stay for an overnight by the big cities such as Luxor and Aswan,although the 7 night one sails the same way up and down.
There used to be a long cruise which took 12 nights that sails all the way from Cairo down to Aswan.
On the Nile cruise your accomodation is full board and all you need to pay is only beverages.
While cruising you can either walk in or drive to the temples, you walk in to kom ombo temple and take a carriage to Edfu temple, despite of staying an over night in Luxor and Aswan while you can visit Luxor temple, karnak temple, the valley of the kings, Hatchepsut temple, the high dam and Philae temple too.
The best time to catch your Nile cruise is between September and late April cos the weather is convenient but during the summer season it is really hot between May and August, the 2 peaks of the season are the Christmas and Easter which are really the best time for holidays in Egypt.
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The king Farouk the last Egyptian king was very much interfered in fishing and sailing, he had a nice small fancy boat that we call dahabya Nile cruise boat, which is out if wood and a small one that was enough to his family and servants as well.
We have dahabya boats with a bit longer time and less visits as ur sails very slowly too.
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