Live Saqqara Tour - 1 Day

Live Saqqara tour

Live Saqqara Tour

Enjoy an online tour to Saqqara Step Pyramid of Djeser and his complex from your home. A live broadcasting which will be exclusive for you for a professional tour guide from Egypt, well experienced and very informative too. Visit Egypt from your home,

Live Saqqara Tour will take you around that village of Saqqara in Giza to see the real Egyptian countryside, drive around and through the fields of Sakkara. The show will start continuously from the main gate of Saqqara pyramid site, then proceed to the complex of Djeser going through the ancient enclosure of the step pyramid, getting closer to the pyramid, hiking up the enclosure to enjoy seeing the panoramic view of Dahshour pyramids and from the other side Giza Pyramids, and Abusir complex too which is in Giza too and dates back to the fifth dynasty.

Drive towards the other necropolis in Saqqara to enjoy the sixth dynasty pyramid of the king Teti, walk around the noblemen tombs and getting closer to some of them. Enjoy your tour there and at the end ask whatever you want to about the history of this area and those pyramids too. Back to the main gate of Sakkara, and finish your live Saqqara Tour.


A full day online tour to Saqqara complex of the step Pyramid, and the noblemen necropolis.

Start from the outside area of Sakkara where the fields and irrigation canals are, drive through to get to Sakkara. Start all the way from the outside gate of Saqqara site drive up to the complex of djesr (Zoser), visit the Step Pyramid and get closer to it, walk around, go higher to see the panoramic view of some of Saqqara pyramids, Dahshour and Abusir too, drive towards the noblemen necropolis and Teti Pyramid too. After getting closer to those tombs and at the end of Saqqara tour drive back.

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Live Saqqara Tour