Dahabiya Nile cruise - 8 Days

Dahabiya Nile cruise

A small classy boat along the Nile. Dahabeya Nile cruise boat is the most fascinating and luxurious way
to experience the Nile.

Dahabiya is a small classic Nile cruise sailing boat which is different than big Nile cruises for numerous tourist, you can sometimes enjoy it exclusively, and the biggest dahabia has only 10 cabins on bored.

This tour will last for 8 days only , starting from Luxur visiting the sites over there, then catch the Dahabbiya on the way, passing by Edfu, Kom ombo temples, and upto Aswan sights.

King Farouk had a wooden luxurious boat to travel along the Nile too. On this tour you won’t be passing by all the sites of Luxur and Aswan unlike the Nile cruise, you ll be only passing by some of them, catching the dahabiya Nile cruise will be from Esna near Luxor upto Aswan, or vice versa and on the way you stop by different sights which are more related to the real daily life of people and you might have a Bedouin dinner if the weather and time permit.

Dahabiya boat started all the way by the king Farouk the last king of Egypt. He used to travel up and down the Nile using his luxury Dahabiya Nile cruise called “Sudan”, and when he left Egypt, kicked away to Italy he used a different other dahabiya which named after the common name of Egypt “El Mahroussa”; the protected one.

As Dahabiya is considered a very unique classy Nile cruise boat so It stops several times at very unique different sites, nor starting from the same main points as others.

Dahabyia starts from a place called Esna where the lock is not sailing all the way from Luxor, but in Luxor you will have to stay for one overnight at a hotel, then start your sailing tour. In Luxur you have a few sites to visit which is Luxor Temple and KArnak Temples; the biggest and hugest site you can ever pass by on the East bank of the Nile, and the West bank sites of Hatchepsut temple, the Valley of the Kings which house several tombs of ancient kings.

On the way Dahabya will stop at one very special spot called Gabal El Selsela where you will be able to see the marks of the tools that ancient Egyptians used to cut the blocks and separate them, some other spots where you can experience a very local authentic Egyptian life, with local fishermen and farmers too, then you proceed to Kom-ombo, and visit Aswan sites like the High Dam, Philae temple as well.


This is a luxurious tour to enjoy the high service and atmosphere of a sailing boat a small unique Nile river cruise along the Nile and enjoying the breeze of the nature.

7 sailing days along the different ancient sights of ancient Egypt from Luxor to Aswan Dam.

Day 1
Luxor / the valley of the kings / Hatchepsut temple / the colossi of Memnon

<p>Meet & Assist</p><p>Upon arrival at Luxor Airport, meet and assist by our guide,drive to the werst bank of Luxor.</p><p>Start your tour by The valley of the kings to visit 3 tombs, proceed to Hatchepsut temple, on the way back pass the Colossi of Memnon, lunch en route.</p><p>An overnight at hotel in Luxor</p>

Day 2
Luxor / Luxor Temple / Karnak Temple / Esna

<p>After breakfast, check out, then drive to drive to Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple, then transferred to Esna to catch the Dahabya boat, start sailing to Aswan. </p><p>An overnight close to A small Island in the north of Edfu.</p>

Day 3
Edfu temple


Day 4
El-Silsila Mountain

<p>Start sailing to El-Silsila Mountain (approx 7 hrs).We experience the simple lifestyle of farmers and fishermen on the way, enjoy the beautiful nature of the great Nile and the green fields of Island Bissau. Continue sailing to the edge of El-Silsila Mountain where we will have our dinner and stay overnight on board next to the temple enjoying the romantic atmosphere.</p>

Day 5
Temple of Gebel El-Silsila / barbecue dinner

After breakfast,we visit the temple of Gebel El-Silsila, where we will discover the unknown rock-cut temple of the general of the army"Hormoheb" and the famous sandstone quarries in ancient Egypt. We sail to Mainha Island enjoying our barbecue dinner with the drums and folk music around campfire.

Day 6
Kom ombo temple / Nubian party

After breakfast, we sail to Kom Ombo to explore the extraordinary temple of Horus and Sobek. The temple was built with a whole symmetry, two entrances, two halls and two sanctuaries dedicated to the Falcon headed God Haroeris (Horus the Elder) and the Crocodile headed God Sobek, then proceed to Daraw city; the most attractive part of this town with its unbelievable Camel Market in the south of Kom Ombo.
After lunch sail from Daraw to Kobania (approx 5 hours).
Enjoy the last night trip with our very fascinating Nubian party.

Day 7
Aswan / high dam / Philae Temple / the unfinished obelisk

<p>After breakfast, you will be transferred to Aswan airport to fly back home.</p>

Day 8
Disembarkation / Aswan

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Aswan airport to fly back home.

Price per person

  • 2 Person 1605$
  • 3 Person 1534$
  • 4 Person 1496$
  • 5 Person 1470$
  • 6 Person 1454$
  • 7 Person 1442$
  • 8 Person 1434$

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Dahabiya Nile cruise

Trip Facts

  • In an air conditioned van
  • From 2 pax
  • fully accommodated in a double cabin in a delux Dahabya boat
  • All included from day 1 dinner to last day breakfast
  • Luxor