Live Tours in Egypt
Visit Egypt from your couch and save money
A big world on your screen
A new aspect of travel while we are all quarantined at home or seized in our country, no travel, no aviation, make your wish come true and visit Egypt while at home.
If you are so enthusiastic about traveling, or it has been one of your dreams …so time now to accomplish it, and from home.
Once you go you know….so watching a bit of the sites of Egypt enables to experience it well before coming, helps you to plan your holiday in a better way.
All what you need is to pick your desired destination then download the live chat app, book with us in advance, trial test, then you are done.
A very unique idea of visiting different places in Egypt through a camera, pick the site, attend a live broadcasting from the site on the spot, go and roam around it and ask all your questions to your professional Egyptologist tour guide.
We have been guiding tours for the past 15 years to people from different countries on site but according to the updates to need to keep path with it.
Travel at home until travel from home, so just do it for 20 or 15 dollars.
We prefer visiting one site at a time to have enough time to see everything tranquilly.
Visit Egypt from your couch and save money offers you Cairo tours:
-Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx
-Saqqara Step pyramid and complex.
-the Citadel of Salah Al Din and the Mosque of Mohamed Ali.
-Coptic Cairo churches